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HISTOLAB Fellowship

What is it?

In accordance with the overall aim of HISTOLAB and in line with the values and standards of the Council of Europe, the HISTOLAB Fellowship will co-fund the research and the writing of an academic article related to innovation in history education.  Articles can relate to methods and practices of history teaching in the classroom, or innovative methods in public history, such as in museums, memorial places or through the media.  The exploration of innovative ways of using archival materials in the classroom is also a potential field of interest. The HISTOLAB Fellowship cannot fund an entire research project but seeks to support researchers through a financial grant in order to produce an article based on additional and dedicated research related to their field of study. In addition to a financial grant the Fellowship offers other benefits to the HISTOLAB Fellows by providing access to the expertise, network and research infrastructure of the HISTOLAB partners (EuroClio, Federation for Education in Europe (FEDE), Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg-Eckert-Institute, House of European History, International Society for History Didactics). The Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg-Eckert-Institute for example offers to host the HISTOLAB Fellows for a study visit to enhance their research for the article. HISTOLAB Fellows also have the possibility to explore research visits to other institutions using the financial grant. These would have to be negotiated and arranged by the Fellows themselves.

The programme seeks to amplify the outreach of research results achieved by the HISTOLAB Fellows, and to make a valuable contribution to the debate on innovation in history education by publishing an edited volume containing their respective academic articles. The HISTOLAB Fellowship contributes to the fellows’ professional development by inviting them to present their work during the European Innovation Days in History Education organised by HISTOLAB in 2024, as well as to other HISTOLAB activities.

Who are the HISTOLAB Fellows?
Mr Miljenko Hajdarovic
Ms Ana Radakovic
Ms Foteini Venieri
Mr Jan-Christian Wilkening
Learn more about the projects of the HISTOLAB Fellows here
What does the Fellowship include?

The Programme offers for four HISTOLAB Fellowships that includes for each successful candidate:

  • a direct financial grant with a maximum amout of 7.000,00 EUR (paid 70% after the acceptance of the grant and 30% after submitting the articles);
  • An optional research visit (free of charge, travel & living costs to be borne by the financial grant).
    • to the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media I Georg Eckert Institute (Braunschweig, Germany) including access to its library hosting one of the biggest collection of school textbook worldwide and the “basement”, which is an experimental classroom of the future;
  • Free of cost participation in the European Innovation Days in History Education 2024.
What are the obligations of the HISTOLAB Fellows?
  • submitting the first version of a 7.000-12.000 words long academic article on the topic determined in the grant agreement based on the information given in the application process, thematically related to the field of innovation in history education by 30 November 2023 and the final version based on instructions from the Secretariat by 10 January 2024 in English language that will be published in a format that is considered suitable by the HISTOLAB project team.
  • submitting narrative- and financial reports


What is the timeframe of this action?

The implementation period has started on 1 July 2023 and ends on 10 January 2024 at the latest. Reporting requirements shall be completed on 29 February 2024.

The official Call for Applications has been released on 14 April 2023 and the deadline for application was 14 May 2023, 23:59 h CET. Applications must be submitted in electronic form. 

The documents below contain vital information on application requirements, procedure and deadlines.

Call for Applications
Application Form
Draft Grant Agreement - for information only


Please notice that the information presented here is only for informative purposes and only the information stated in the official Call for Applications is relevant for all procedures related to the HISTOLAB Fellowship Programme.