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HISTOLAB Event Series 2023-2024

Aims of the Webinar Series

The HISTOLAB event series follows the overall aim of the HISTOLAB to encourage innovation in history education based on multi-perspectivity, the appreciation for diversity and the promotion of human rights and democracy beyond professional boundaries. It embraces the HISTOLAB’s interdisciplinary approach by hosting experts from different areas, such as academic historians, experts in history didactics, teachers, museum practitioners, journalists, content creators, and government representatives. By bringing together speakers from different professional and social backgrounds, the webinar series allows different professional groups in the field of history education to learn from each other’s expertise through an exchange of knowledge and experiences, fostering innovation. This way the webinar series seeks to contribute to close the frequently mentioned gap between the state of history teaching in schools on one hand, and the developments in academic history and museums on the other. It enhances its relevance by showcasing innovative ways in which history education can prepare students for the challenging of the 21st century by bringing in a historical dimension. While thematically rooted in the European context, the webinar series aspires to broaden its view beyond the continent, as many of the challenges Europe faces are global in nature. In order to strengthening learners’ understanding of global phenomena and challenges, history education needs to react by adopting a global perspective, by bringing together the interconnectedness of developments on the global and local level. By discussing topics that are fundamentally important today from different historical perspectives, the innovative practices presented will also take into account the normative dimension of history teaching, aiming at strengthening learners’ awareness of the genuine importance of human rights protection, democracy and the rule of law in addressing the challenges of our times.


More info will be available soon.