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Aims of the Tutorials

HISTOLAB is launching a series of tutorials to encourage innovation in history education based on multi-perspectivity, the appreciation for diversity and the promotion of human rights and democracy beyond professional boundaries. It embraces HISTOLAB’s interdisciplinary approach by hosting experts from different areas, such as researchers, teachers, museum experts, etc.

The tutorials aim at giving practical and material-based guidance to modernise history practices and offering different innovative approaches on the selected topics. The tutorials are also an opportunity to share resources and concrete ways of how to implement them in a classroom. By presenting topics that are fundamentally important today from different historical perspectives, the innovative practices presented will also aim at strengthening learners’ awareness of the genuine importance of human rights protection, democracy and the rule of law in addressing the challenges of our time, in line with the Council of Europe’s values.

The tutorials will be included in the media library of the HISTOLAB Digital Hub and be shared with its network of experts in the field of history education, as well as with the network of the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe.

The following tutorials are planned:

1. Teaching sensitive histories and the Holocaust

2. Integrating a gender perspective in history teaching

3. Using artificial intelligence and other new techologies in history teaching

4.  Multiperspectivity in history teaching

5. Teaching Roma history

More info will be available soon.